April Fool’s Day

IMG_3512I love a good joke, in fact I still owe Rob from last year… but I digress…(lol)

This year Rob and I planned an April Fool’s dinner for Thomas. Thomas has soccer practice on Monday nights so we were able to get everything prepped with him none the wiser and then set it all up while he was with his team.

Now I can be a bit of a girly girl at times (lol)… oh don’t get me wrong, I want to be out hiking and skiing with my guys but sometimes it is nice to be a girl. As I am grossly out numbered (by 1, but that is still out numbered right???) it is not too often I get to indulge in the girly stuff. So for April Fool’s Day I was able to bring out my Grandmother’s china and set the table in as girly a manner as possible for our first April Fool’s tea party.

The guys laughed as we tantalized our pallets with sheppard’s pie cupcakes (for the base I used a take on my quinoa falafel recipe – adding carrots and broccoli to the mix).

In order to get the delicate pink hue for the ‘frosting’ I added a beet to the potatoes while boiling. Although I found that beets don’t blend well, it still infused a nice light pink colour to the potatoes before I took it out to pipe the topping.


After warming the individual morsels in the oven we then decorated each flavourful cupcake with a beet butterfly garnish.

To accompany each luxurious bite we had a tomato sauce reducation (warmed spaghetti sauce served in the creamer) and perfectly exquisite (carrots) sugar cubers flown in from somewhere exotic I am sure.

The teapot was filled with a lightly chilled beverage (kombucha) for the occasion as well.

To finish off our meal we dined on individual sliders (chocolate cake patties and ‘cliff bar’ buns with crushed raspberries for ketchup).


Grandma had a good sense of humour so I think she would have appreciated being a part of the festivities… who knows she might have had a few recipes of her own to surprise us with.

And the laugh keeps on coming…












For Thomas’ class we prepped Kale chips (resealed into a potato chip bag) and (vegan) chocolate mustaches. (Insert evil laugh here)





Happy April Fool’s Day! From our family to yours!

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