About Us

As with most people, it has been a journey for us to get to where we are today. A journey that has been filled with ups and downs (including a divorce for myself), but all of those experiences and learning’s have led us to where we are today.

And today is a pretty amazing place!!!

About Us1You see it took me a while (and many prayers) to be able to have my son (Thomas) and man… I am glad I did – I love being a Mom!!!  It is the greatest honor and privilege to be the Mom of such an amazing kid! He does keep me on my toes… and I love every minute of it!



In his quest to be a world-cup soccer player/I pad designer/ski racer/ and Lego engineer Thomas quickly realized the importance and fun that can be had in cooking a healthy diet, and makes a dynamite raw apple pie himself using our dehydrator!


This is the Kale Monster (insert overly proud Mom smile here).






I made a pact early on that I wanted to be there for him as long as I could, and the best thing I could do was to lead by example…after all I wanted to be an active part of his life, not a sit on the sidelines kind of Mom…






 AU5And finally, after many years, along came my Prince Charming…






 And we fell madly in love…



My fiancé (Rob), son, and I all share a passionate interest in preparing nutrient dense food as well as fitness and overall well-being. Many of our nights are spent listening to tunes, laughing, and dancing around the kitchen as we all help prepare dinner together following a soccer practice or quick ski after work/school…(insert happy sigh here) ahhh the benefits of living by a ski hill.



Cooking is a life skill… but who says we can’t have fun while doing it?

We enjoy being outside, active, and have an insatiable thirst for learning all we can about healthy living.

 And this is our story…

Mommy, Rob, and T!


  • Jodie Plummer says:

    What a great story! Congratulations on such a fantastic and informative website! You are such a huge inspiration to all of us! I love your story, and wish you all the best as your next wonderful chapter unfolds. xo

    • Jaquelyn says:

      Thank-you Jodie, you are so kind. Feel free to let us know if there is something else you want to see or if there is a recipe you would like us to make. Always, j

  • Bev Baxter says:

    Loved your story/article./pictures. Will you include some favourite “new” recipes at any time – would really enjoy that. We try to eat, if not vegetarian, as healthy a diet as we can – without meat

    • Jaquelyn says:

      Hi Bev,
      Rob has just been working on changing some of the formatting, but yes we will post lots of new recipes- hopefully 1-2 a week once everything is ironed out. An easy way to stay updated is to sign up for the newsletter. All the best, j

  • Dani says:

    Love you and miss you so much. So happy for you, I will be thinking of you heaps on your special day. You sooooooo deserve it.

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