The Luckiest Girl in the World

DSC_1041You know often times I am blessed with this feeling – I have a loving fiance, a great son, wonderful parents, and amazing friends (not to say the “not so good days” aren’t there but they just make you appreciate everything that much more). After so much hard work, assistance, and guidance from my parents on getting the flower beds torn apart and replanted, I was hit with this feeling once again. Rob and I often have talks about how lucky we are to have the parents we have and yesterday was no exception.

photo-21You see the other day, a little after lunch the doorbell rang and as we looked to see who it was we saw Rob’s parents standing there after a 2-hour drive. (Surprise!) Of course we couldn’t have been more pleased… or so we thought. While Rob had some insight into what was going on I was more in the dark, but out in their truck was an even bigger surprise – or 3 bigger surprises to be exact. You see Rob had been talking to his Dad about wanting to construct a raised organic vegetable garden so that we could look out our kitchen window and see what goodies we had to choose from every day. That was the plan anyway… however the love of my life was proving to be short on time and planting season was drawing to a close (if we wanted to have much of a harvest that is). So my wonderful Father-in-law (to be) set about constructing the vegetable containers in his wood shop back home. Within 2 days he had everything researched and three 8ft x 3ft cedar containers assembled, loaded in their truck, and delivered to our door with that twinkle in his eye that I have come to love. As soon as my son came home from school he happily exclaimed you mean “Grandma and Grandpa S” did this??? He was still in awe in the morning as we ate our breakfast staring at the garden plots.


As I planted them with 5 different kinds of beets, 4 types of carrots, at least 6 different kinds of kale, multiple varieties of beans, and loads of every type of green vegetable imaginable I can’t help but smile… not only am I the luckiest girl in the world, but we are the luckiest family in the world.



A huge thank-you to all of our parents. Thank-you so much for all the work you do and continue to do, the example you set, and the love you continually give. We love and appreciate you so much.



From our family to yours, Happy Father’s Day and may the season be bountiful.



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