Valentines Day Follies

DSC_0472Well, I HAD made these wonderful cupcakes for Thomas’ class. I was so proud of myself. They were beet cupcakes and they looked so beautiful!!! Each sumptuous cupcake was vivid red when bitten into then topped with a dollop of vegan ‘cream cheeze’ icing and sprinkled (ever so carefully) with the delicious ruby like crumbs of one of its fellow cupcakes…

The kids weren’t even going to know they were eating their vegetables!

I had slaved over the cupcakes for what seemed like weeks… but was actually only a little under an hour…


My son’s expression was priceless… beets??? He asked. He loved the idea. (Insert best Mom in the world hug here – don’t worry Moms the title usually only lasts about 5 mins I find, but this was my 5 mins -lol).

I loaded them into my cupcake carrier and we set off… and that is when it all went wrong…

Now I don’t know if I didn’t close the container quite right, if the dog tripped me, or if I nudged the latch when we got out the door… but the cupcakes did make it outside the door, and as I locked the door and went to go down the stairs… it happened…. (Ominous music)

I heard the click sound first… (Seriously, it could have been the dog… I don’t know how… I am just saying…) and then it was already too late… there were cupcakes everywhere. Little mini cupcakes all over the ground, down the steps, I am pretty sure there were a few that launched themselves into nearby trees in an effort to save themselves… however the dog got those too.

Don't let her looks fool you!

Don’t let her looks fool you!

 The ground was covered in ruby like cupcakes and ‘cream cheeze’ icing… their pristine, bejeweled, and delicate essence were now caked with sand and ice melt…

 Oh sure the dog loved it… she was licking the steps for days (rolling eyes)

Luckily we were quick with a good old-fashioned stand by… fruit salad.

 Using some cookie cutters I had on hand, and Rob’s natural artistic ability, we were able to pull together a treat for the class in no time.

 With watermelon lips and kiwi and strawberry hearts we managed to save the day… though a few (of my) tears were shed for the ‘cupcake tragedy’ as I like to call it… 

Love and best wishes to all.DSC_0474


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